Z Day

Z Day with Cactus_Menteur (2011/05/27)

pictures from:
Automaton Transfusion
Land of The Dead
High School Girl Rika Zombie Hunter
Dawn of the Dead (2004)
28 Days Later
Zombies Ate my Meighbors (Lucas Arts Entertainment (before they only
makes games that sucks donkey balls)


Opera Whiteboard.


One of the things I used to love in opera 10.10 was the Opera Unite
whiteboard, to draw with my friends.

but actually with this new buggy and unsupportable for a PPC mac G4
versions of Opera 10.+ I’ve stopped using Opera10+ and turn back to
Opera 9.26, a bit sad but this version works.

Artworks made by Mili-Chan, Arisa and Ryuutei 2009