PyLab + tmux + iTerm2

Due to the fact that iTerm2 is crashing more and more often, I decided yesterday to put my python console inside a tmux window & at the same time launching pylab instead of a simple ipython console.

So in the iTerm2 conf we can launch a command to do that but it wasn’t working by containing the command inside single quotation marks. here’s the command:

/usr/local/bin/tmux -l new -s pylab "/usr/local/bin/ipython --pylab"

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important to know about Python3

It’s important to know that in python3 there is no Setuptools… I spend half an hour trying to figure out where it was…

Distribute :

it’s pretty useless yeh but I have no memory.

note for myself : minimum to travel safe:
-readline ( easy_install readline ;) )
-vim7 (how could I forget vim?)