The Grass-snake under the oak

I took this shot in 1995, with a 200asa fuji-film and a lousy camera (I can’t remember the name).

I can’t remember the exact location, but it was in the forest near Dax. It was a bit dark, but a ray of light used to be there to save this picture. I think the lousy lens brought that blur.

Anyway, I love Snakes !!!! :)  

山药蛋 First "fruits"

It’s been 2 years I’ve planted  山药蛋 into soil, and this year, I’m really
happy to find some “fruits”.
I’ve moved it because it wasn’t able to grip on a wall.


Z Day

Z Day with Cactus_Menteur (2011/05/27)

pictures from:
Automaton Transfusion
Land of The Dead
High School Girl Rika Zombie Hunter
Dawn of the Dead (2004)
28 Days Later
Zombies Ate my Meighbors (Lucas Arts Entertainment (before they only
makes games that sucks donkey balls)