Cmus icon.

cmus iconI made a cmus icon for my pager with inkscape.

this icon is licenced under the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License.


0x10c Mackapar Media

Yey something new !


I’ve made the Mackapar Media logo on inkscape.


“Mackapar Media” is a fictional company from the game 0x10c made by Markus Persson, Mojang.

The Flamenco A GoGo! (cleanup+vectorization)

I made this The Flamenco A GoGo! icon in vector. but I”m pretty lazy this month. I got many other things to do. So I didn’t cleaned up enough… maybe in the future…

anyway it’s well made for just folder icon. You can listen to this pretty neat band on BENTEN records web site ( ).

used: toshop and inkscape (inkscape wasn’t used enough this time :p )

NYA Electriska


Today a quick made background : NYA Electriska, a fake enterprise from 0x10^c the coming Mojang game.

I wanted a better quality of this logo for my desktop background and occasionally moving it at the 60% of the upper right of the screen.
The font used here is a copy of the Commodore 64 font. :p