Gribouille of the day,

This sketch has 5years old, it’s from a science fiction story that I’ll never finish I’ve draw 30 pages of sketch but sadly I have neither time nor will to clean it up. AND the most important it’s sort of a post apocalyptic story : I don’t like this theme. 

I used to work on MangaStudio EX 3, it’s one of the 3 last comics I work on that software.



Artwork of the Day, first of 01E


The “first” artwork from project 01E that I’ve worked with Aniouta.
This one was the first sketch of the same artwork (the girl is a bit
different in the “final” illustration.) I’ve works on five artworks of mine for this project, and 2 others with
Aniouta ans Xav
Sadly the project was abandoned due to a lack of time before exams.