Current coding projects:

  • Fanzine maker : a python3 folder processor that output a ready to print pdf.
  • : a python alien language 2 encoder (wannabe decoder).
  • pyosx : a growl and OSX tools “binding” for Python.
  • : a cmus status_display_program for OSX that :
    • export the current/previous songs and their album covers to temp files for geektools.
    • can tweet the current song/album with ttytter.
    • uses Growl as pager.
    • planned: sends the current album cover to tumblr.
    • planned: retriving stuff.
  • resourcePack: an empty resource pack for minecraft 1.6+ with a script to build it.

Finished softwares:

  • TTYtterRC Generator: a little script to quickly generates a config file for TTYtter with filters, tracks, friends and stuff.
  • Orc Name Generator: an orc name generator in Ruby or Python3. (for D&D or what you want…)
  • : a python script for POSIX that deletes useless files (from Windows/OSX/LaTeχ/PaintshopPro/ATMA).
  • makecbz: a bash script that build a cbz comic book (it don’t handle the renaming process)

Artistic projects:

Ol’ outdated thingies :

  • Moments Windows (a small and stupid french site which relates some screenshots of windows fails, made with nvu with css and stuff my last play with html)

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