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quote of the day: Wolf3D

A video game turned Hitler into a maniac. It wasn’t until he finished the game that he died. It was Wolfenstein 3D.
—— John Romero — 2012/12/18

The Sound of Silence

Death Plunge (icon)

—tl;dr:  Silence while working is great if you live in the I.S.S. or on an island. (school education has completly destroyed my ability to sum stuff.) —

I’ll write “listen to music while working” all along this article but I think it’s more “hearing” or “having a background sound/reference”, no one can really listen to music while doing something else. But today, I shan’t describe what “listening to music” is. ;)

Few years ago I’ve read the absolutely amazing Richard Williams’ “Animation Techniques” book where a very wise sentence is written “working in the silence, is better, because you can’t concentrate with music.”. (it’s not exactly written like that, it’s from memory) Wise, but being this absolute is pretentious (Mr. Richard Williams is a master but)…

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Duck Duck Go

duckduckgo-logoThe services of Duck Duck Go has improved drastically those last 2 years.

There’s a unit converter with wolfram alpha, man pages, python and other languages documentation pages. I used it once for gaming to roll dices with “roll 3d6” (or anything else) and there’s a new plugin for calculating resistor. Their url is not obsfuscated with weird POST commands.

And they have a really good XMPP service.

I didn’t find any flaws. I love it. :3