Installer Sphinx sur Windows,

python logoArticle in french: I will probably translate this when I will have more time.

Cet article explique comment installer Sphinx sur Windows, pour les personnes qui ne sont pas familières avec l’utilisation avance de Windows (les auteurs par exemple) et/ou qui n’ont pas l’intention d’utiliser Python par la suite.

J’ai décidé d’écrire cet article car il y a beaucoup de tutoriels qui expliquent comment faire mais avec une quantité non négligeable de conneries inutiles pour les non programmeurs.

  • Niveau: Débutant, Novice

NB: A la fin se trouve la liste des logiciels que je vous fait télécharger avec une explication de ce que c’est.

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Go lang, stuff to read and learn.

So i’ve discovered the Go Programming language few months ago, it’s full of useful features, here some intreresting ressources to learn the Go Programming Language.

plenty of stuff: Basics :

And this article is about gofmt, a function to format basic things in your code, to make it more … goo-fy? go-ny? arrg more go-esque :

I’ve started a little project in GO but I’ll follow some lectures about programming, so it will wait until the courses are finished.

Current OOP reading.

I have a really big problem with OOP, there is no documentation for intermediate level unix geeks (I feel like being like that.), everything I read is whether too easy and then important information is distilled during 200 pages or more, so I get lost, whether for already skilled programmers and so nothing is explained on how it works.

I’m currently reading, Hugues Bersini’s “La Programmation Orientee Objet”, it’s saddly the same thing, informations are distilled inside too many pages with examples like “cars have wheels and stuff”. I should maybe go further in that book, but maaan it’s really annoying.

… and it’s in french! I can’t bear reading technical things in french it’s awkward.