Orc Name Generator (again).

orc iconSo I’ve managed to have few hours to relax this weekend, so  I’ve played with ruby. I finally ended up with the will to remake the “Orc name generator” I’ve made few months ago, I’m happy to see my coding skills increases a little (everything’s less messy, I’ve get rid of my horrible C habit to make all my loops with “while” ah ah).

I’ve also discovered some really cool features of Ruby.

It’s a really stupid program that generates a random orc names with an Orcish clan name. This time Entirely in english.

I may update it later with an option to have french names. (they are funnier and much more gory. :D heyhey )

It works on OSX and GNU/Linux. Due to it’s simplicity it should works on Windows too.

Orcname on git : https://github.com/Ryuutei/orcname


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