Orc name generator (1)

Yesterday I’ve coded a simple script to generate random orc names with some sort of random alias or honor name (something like “Throgghor hund kid’chew”).

It’s a really small and useless thingy. I’ll share the code later.


Here’s some results (in french but I’ll make an english list of the words.)

------- Orc Name Generator -------
Agaudarth Eguar kass'clebz kosher
Sugarth frapp'bouteill'
Ehuoggung Krang Ahuoth bouff'droid hurlant
K'ogath Z'ath ecraz'tendon
Tuggath lance'armature
Emuumarth Uggoorth ronj'parebriz pourri
Z'adarth Ogaung chidu'plexus humide
Bgguk Amuor Ohaang ecraz'boyau
Odaudor Tok Krang grignoth'pneu
Gromak Odaung Ogoung krok'troll
Zadur Z'ath frapp'tibia