Futurama poster set

I resend those artworks due to some problem with posterous database the last weekend.
And this weekend was an Inkscape weekend, I’ve made so many things… I’ll not publish everything but I gain experience.

So there’s a cute kitty from the news (appears in “Attack of the Killer App” season 6), The Monday Monkey who lives for the weekend (from “The Cryonic Woman” Season2), and a remake of “You gotta do What You Gotta do” (from “Space-Pilot 3000” Season 1, the first version I’ve made was in bitmap, SVG is BETTER !)

All made with Inkscape.




Saddly in Inkscape the snapping mode is strange, it’s working good most of times, but when you use “snap to node” or other snapping options other than the defaults ones, the “snap to page border” (or _to Guides) don’t work then… It’s REALLY REALLY ANNOYING, because there is no instrument for precision other than this snapping mode. (It don’t have an option to place a guide at wanted coordinates -relatives or absolute-) Anyway Inkscape is still a great tool, far more easier and efficient than Illustrator.