WIP : Futurama, Alien Language 2

This last few weeks I’ve watched some audio commentaries of futurama. Probably less informative than the lecture about maths in the show but still very interesting and funny.

Anyway, I’m interested about the alien alphabets and language since the start of the show, and I’ve decided to make a small software to encode (and in future : decode ) the alien language… By language I mean the second alien writing they made in the show which involves a encoding of all characters after the first one.

Saddly I forgot everything about PIL so I’ve used imagemagick… and I’ll probably make a gui.. but I don’t have much time, that’s why it’s still usable only by command line… which is not a problem.

I’ve also made the second alphabet (a monospaced one for sure ;) ) in SVG using inkscape.

Enough talking!