Voodooll Chapter 1

Voodooll is a project created by Mili-chan ( http://mili-chan.over-blog.com/
), I’ve pushed Mili-chan unintentionally to make this comic by coloring one
of her artwork… So she wanted to draw a big comic book (about 30 pages) and
demanded me to make the script.

I normally don’t like (I hate) religious things, but I’ve always wanted
to make a story about vaudoun at hi-school. I’ve watched half dozen of
documentaries, re-watched many classics vaudoun movies (like White Zombie an
others…) read 9 books about Haitian and Nouvelle Orleans’ vaudoun, listened
to all music with voodoo inside :p and after half a year of work I used to
loose my all my note book in a train -_- but I’ve also added many details
I ignored before my research. I’m really really proud of the story I’ve
produced. I still need to make a schema for Mili-chan to make her understand
all coups de th????tres(1) I’ve introduced to the plot. But it had to be a
mysterious story, so in the too few dialogues and details in the murders could
lead the reader to broadly understand the story. In a sort of way the story
will unroll as it’s own.

I’ve started the self-fan-art-comic-story of Voodooll without Voodooll “before
everything begin” with the nasty-and-sexy-necromancer that search something
in Haiti last year, and viewing the pages I’ve already done made me wants to
finish it… :p

now Voodooll Chapter one is now available in French on the Vert Potam’s

Death Fanzine on the online-shop ( http://vertpotam.blogspot.com/ ) and at the
Salon de la BD de Colomiers this Weekend. (1) I don’t know that expression existed in English !!